Never could I be a mysterious brunette, nor, as it seems every now and then, a blond hair angel...since I have too innocuous sins and on the other hand, black keeps energies blocked off.

       I will be never so much to you an puzzled enigma, everything will settle  nicely but for me....first and foremost I want you to be in my mind, with your body you might be whoever you would like to be... even wanderer.

You belong to me whatever you do... when you laugh, when you feel, when flying          towards strange new but brimful of love worlds.

Ana Dragalina




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       I will be never so much just a charade… life seems to me already too complicated but the whistling noise in your soul I will alleviate it by a warm soup, or a smile, or a tea.

       You will never be too far... because you are incessantly  longing for my touches, sometimes slightly clumsy but warm since they love so much the Chosen One.

       I will be never so much any princess at all.. maybe a worn-out witch, as my tired out soul after too many lives I have been living through... I still do magic, of course, but I muddle up formulas… I forget, I always forget to pour into the needed dose of malice as I don’t bear any at all.

       Nevertheless, I will be to you the badly needed instant.. as I dropped in for a friendly little chat with a beauty spot that is keeping company to you for many, I know it will whisper to you day and night enchanting tales about me, about us and about all the moments you owe me for too much time.