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Life is very easy just buy that f**king ticket!

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       "Life is very easy just buy that f**king ticket" was singing in my head for the last two years after I heard Azuka Kantimatta saying this just like that, when I was in Bali for the first time. My first thoughts were "Oh, my God, I could never just quit my life like this, but how I would love to do it..." 

       I was thinking about this "crazy idea" every day and I asked myself one day: But... What is holding me back? I don't like my job, I don't have kids or something to stop me and I discovered I was holding myself back, me and my fears, nobody else... and just like that, I decided to drink my    thoughts and fears with some coffee and just leave.

       Everybody was shocked, obviously... But I promised myself I will be back here one day... and if not now, then when? 

       My first week in Ubud was at least interesting...

       On the first night of arrival I was so happy but in the same I felt so lonely not having somebody to share my happiness with. I send a message to my soul mate and asked her to pray for my twin souls to appear and she told me she already did. The next morning I woke up in paradise and the feeling of loneliness vanished and I realized that I love it. I love being on my own and have company only when I want to. This is what I was dreaming about for so long...