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       Eating, reading, writing, swimming,  tanning and just wandering on the beautiful streets of Ubud it was all I needed to do to be happy. 

       But it is impossible to live on your own in such a friendly place... and beside people I  have met angels. 

       I was on the streets far away from my home one night and I was searching for a taxi scooter,  I was so proud that I discovered a trustful application to find a taxi but... in the middle of the night I was about to find out that this application is not working all the time. What to do? Who do you call in a place where you are alone and don't know anybody? 

       After I panicked for some minutes wondering if it is safe to walk alone on the streets of Ubud... I send a message to somebody I refused with two occasions that day:

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"So... I have a problem!"... and he came to save me in two minutes. I was sure he was going to say he is busy like I said to him few hours ago... but no, he took the time to take me back to my place safe.

       I don't know what it was, the fear that I felt, the gratefulness in my heart for the help... but... when I got up on his scooter and took him in my arms, I felt safe and  it was for the first time I saw with my own eyes that Angels, twin souls, however you want to call them, exist, if you    believe in them and if you allow them to come... I've let my pride down and ask for help and    accept it and this way I learned my first lessons here...

       So I am doing just fine... if I have problems, the Universe makes the time to send me angels for help... 

       Happiness has a very easy recipe: Just Let Go.