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       If you go with an open heart and no expectations, just pure faith, then you might find yourself living a process like never before. Nothing will work if you go with the idea of "I just want to try this because I like to try new things", you have to have an intention and offer it for the session.

       Also, if you go with the impression that if a healer puts his hand on your head or he will mix some plants for you, you will heal a disease miraculously, you will be disappointed. I never heard of such a thing.

       As a psychologist and a person who has attended hundreds of spirituality classes and practices, I know by now that this healing thing is an inside job.

       All the problems that we have, wrong beliefs, bad energy, diseases, blockages are "gifts' given to us to teach us something, so first, we have to see the reason behind them, and then the healing comes. What these Bali healers / Priests do instead is to help us in the process, and they can be such powerful tools, but in the end, the whole work is done by us.

       Bali is known as the best destination for healing. Healing what you may ask... Well, almost everything. You will find gathered here all kind of healers, from the Balinese priests that do water and fire ceremonies that help you purify your mind, body and soul, to healers that use preso puncture, reiki, crystal therapy, sound therapy or healers that can find the best combination of plants to give you an alternative way for your diseases.

       Finding them is very easy, our friend Google is now full of information and reviews to find the one more appropriate to your needs.

       The most important questions are: are these healing sessions really working or they are just a nice story to attract people for profits?

       Well, it all depends on you, your beliefs and expectations.