Testimonials from my readers:


Sinziana Iacob: I had goosebumps at the first and the last page of the book. During the reading of  it I had butterflies in the stomach.. I was also very intrigued, and amused, and sometimes sad and excited :)). It has aroused a lot of feelings in me, and I almost cried near the end, because you put in a beautiful light something I fear and I admired your strength. As you have told me, I have at least 3 girlfriends who should read it and learn something from it! I love your book. I love you too!“

Roxana Began: “Dear Ana, my dear! When I started to read your book, it seemed like fresh air faded  from its pages ... it came  in waves, with memories ... The woman described in your pages is modern but she wants a strong, consistent, total and true love up to DNA.

         The characters changed, but it was the same type of love wanted and long awaited. Very interesting how you debuted for me as a writer as a description of your own experiences and feelings! I've had the feeling that you live intensely for 2 women.  You passed the painful passages about your sister pretty fast because you did not want to hurt the reader with the drama of your family, but I have received something that you have in you… Love … lot of love to offer, as if your sister has left her part, to live it and to enjoy it in addition to what she has not grasped. It was very interesting to me. That's how I saw it, from the outside ... as a reader, as a woman. And the flavor of the novel is given by your search, the experience you have gained after each relationship ... and the description of the hot moments. It is clear that uniqueness comes from how you perceive life, people, and relationships. You can find women with Blonde curls anywhere, but they will not love like this, or offer themselves on the pillow or on  the lovers chest like in your story.
  You can make jealous a woman who has never had a quarter of what you've lived ... and you still have not found Mr. Perfect!”


Ana Dragalina


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Alexandra Coman: I finished your thoughts and I want more. I found myself in so many rows, I asked  myself so many questions later. I admire you for the courage to write yourself on paper. I finished the book smiling, with a heart full of hope and also with a drop of regret for all the love I had scattered so far and blaming me for the power I gave to others. I will reread it because it loads me with positive energy.“

Andra Petre: “It was a pleasure to discover again that you write as you love and love as you write.

         Your book is LOVE, delicate, deep, zen and lovely like a summer sun. I love the fact that in the end, it makes you believe again in Love stories.”

Simona I. “It is difficult to write about Ana. It is difficult to write about her writing because when you read HER you are suddenly overwhelmed with so many feelings that you don’t know how to embrace them. She touches your soul and then you want to melt into all her feelings just to feel their true value.

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Raluca Manita: “Life is as you see it. Ana sees love.

         My darling Ana, I pointed out passages and put hearts on your thoughts! As I turned page after page from a manuscript with red covers, tied to a red satin bow, a strange melancholy passed through my soul, and a thrill slid slowly on my spine. What if others will not understand these wonderful lines of yours as I understand them? What if the readers lose the meaning of them and miss revelations? What if they don’t understand Carlos's meaningful letters? I suffered reading about every disappointment and I enjoyed every new love you were talking about.

         My eyes flew on the rows at the speed of love. I had the impression of sorbing pages and pages in few minutes or on the contrary, that I was caught for hours in a row. Despite the unforgiving daggers that stabbed your heart I was happy to discover that none of them defeated your heart because you only see love. So, when I came to the end of the story I found Ana just as tender as in the beginning and wearing as much love in her chest. I rested my eyes on the last few rows and my anxious thoughts melted away. Your book reminded me that we all live as we know and we learn our lessons at their own time. We live to grow and to love in a more beautiful way every day.“