Touch my heart and I will write a story about you...

„I am so hard to be revealed. 
People crammed me in tight boxes labelled beforehand and then they were disappointed or astonished, depending on each limits. 
 I want to be all of them... a woman, a feminine fighting woman, ”an angelical vamp” and a sweet child, bright and witty if the case is and blond hair girl when it is convenient to me, humane or divine, a writer, a dreamer, a traveler, an optimist, a yogi , a vegetarian animal lover, psychologist and the list is open....

 I wish I had the freedom to do whatever I want according to the situation and not to be labelled by a definition. It is so good to feel the relief of letting at the mercy of fate and follow the tide of life, to wake up every morning as somebody else, thoroughly changed, better, more authentic, more myself...”


Ana Dragalina


 © 2017 Ana Dragalina  / All rights reserved


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After studying Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Journalism, attending hundreds of self-help and spirituality classes and working in a corporate office, 7 years for 10 hours a day, I decided to leave everything and move to Bali to finish and publish two books.

I am currently working on my third book.
My mantras are: “I am Love” and “What you can't do in bed is not worth doing in life”.
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