You will miss me one day... Since they will kiss your left shoulder and they will pet on your back before drifting off, but they won’t succeed to really make sense of the taste of your skin that is  wrapping up a soul like yours.
  They will miss your accelerated breathe when you’re happy and will ignore the

sparkling from your eyes when life is taking you by surprise, they will get lost in the 

fascinating mess of your entangled thoughts.
    They won’t write your life story since they aren’t capable to understand it...

Ana Dragalina


 © 2017 Ana Dragalina  / All rights reserved


Anca Ivanov Photography

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A life of half feelings… does it make sense to you?

Since emotion and feeling deep down have been invented for you, just to taste them and grow through them, but you got lost in the thick forest of the   ordinary life.
    Your indulging over ordinary life discourages me and I get the blues… as you put the clean laundry to dry, as you buy by yourself the pleasure and you forget to wipe off the dust on the shelves of your own life...

Since for you there were invented kisses on eyelids and love stemmed from heaven and

written about in novels, but you aren’t given of… as nobody is there...

   A life without a beautiful madness and soul given on a silver plate – does it really make sense to you? You are telling me you’re happy but your look is rather sad… you get to sleep embraced by a pair of arms, but you’re alone at the same time.
  A life ”lived” without me... does it really make sense to you?