Is there still time left for us.... my love?

To get over and find ourselves on the receiving end of what

we have already lost... while searching for the other half

within other souls, other bodies, other minds, other homes...

Is there still time left for us?

To all those parts on your velvet skin I have let unkissed...

To all those stories I have let without writing down an end...

To all those letters I havenít yet written to you...

To all those smiles I have forgotten to rob you of...

To all those times when I didnít caress your dear face...

Is there still time left, my dearly Beloved?

For thousands of signatures which have been left

on unusual spots at least, on injured skin, experienced deep within our souls?

Is there still time left for us?

To cure you of all the wounds, to worship your mind, to wrap you up within a fresh-new love?

Is there still time left...Oh, my Soul?

To love?

To live?

To us to feel everything in a tight two-bond, in togetherness?

Ana Dragalina


© 2017 Ana Dragalina† / All rights reserved


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