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        Jane Austen, the author of the book "Pride and Prejudice", never married in real life, and I think I can guess why ... what's the point of doing this if love in reality is nothing like the love in the books you write. Even when "a rich young man asks her to be his wife," she did not let herself convinced even if she had said yes initially. That love, which is above the pride of the mind and against any prejudices imposed by society, was very difficult to find in those time, almost impossible to hope for it today.

         The testimonials of my friends who tell me about the passion that disappears in a few months (if you are lucky in few years) plus the stress with bank rates, extra pounds gained because of the emotional stress and finally all these mundane problems that lie in the face of fantasy and illusion can also become another reasons to say, "There is no such thing! ... What is this stupid thing you are talking about #soulmates? You're crazy!"

But I never wanted to believe what the world has to say, the world is too often mistaken and I don’t have time to listen to it, plus it usually speaks from the comfortable sofa of capping, from where nothing new arises, the world has a classic recipe and a set of beliefs and is playing drums about it.

I believe in soul mates and I always believed in love stories, because I had one at home, day by day, in my parents. Still, I was not  very strong on my belief when I met Crina. I was like a young little tree at the beginning of the way, I could have shaken my mind if the wind was blowing harder. I did not have well-rooted beliefs, unshakable... you know?

Crina inspires me simply by the fact that when she was born she drank more bottles of courage mixed with passion than the rest of us, and you can see that in everything she does. She opens the way for others but especially for herself. One day, after a car accident, she decided that her life was too precious to spend it among gray blocks, she packed and went out into the world, alone like a "crazy" person as some would say. She arrived in Bali where she decided to stay because everyone already knows: Bali is magic. She didn’t leave because she was upset, she did not go looking for something, she left because that's how her heart whispered she had to do... and she listened.

Many envy her, some admire her, some say she is lucky, because they only see the results of her efforts in the pictures where she smiles beautifully among the beautiful landscapes where she travels ... but as she also says, it's not about luck: "Spare me of the -lucky you’s, I wasn’t lucky, I was courageous enough to go grab my luck!”

Because in the end this is what is all about, courage. When you have the courage to get out of the comfort zone, from what is "safe" but does not make you happy, then wonderful things can come up.

Long story short, Crina left to find herself and on the road she met her Soul Partner. How Crina met Shiraz I wrote in the book among the other couples who inspired me, they are proof of the recognition of souls. That feeling  of "Yes, This Soul is mine!" it is possible in real life not just in books and movies.

When souls recognize each other  #Iamhereworld

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