Crina and Shiraz are from the same movie, resemble in thoughts, feelings, dreams, passions and ideals... and all this happens because she gave up the „warm and comfortable” for the „extraordinary”. You cand always find more than comfortable, in life, in love, in everything.

When Souls recognize each other you are no longer afraid, you do not want to prove anything anymore, you do not have to play games anymore, you do not need any more strategies, no more head explosions nor hard questions, insecurity and anxiety ... you simply: Feel and know!

I love them from the very beginning, since Crina was telling with secure voice, happy soul and glittering eyes that after having waited all her life she finally met her soul mate. I cried with excitement and happiness when I saw how beautiful Shiraz had organized a sweet event, after four months, to surprise her with the marriage request. He says he knew she was "The One" from the first moment he saw her. For me, they are the Magic couple.

We all want to know a magic recipe to make this happen but it does not exist. They met when they were ready. When they learned their lessons, when they knew what they wanted, when their heart was quiet, when „they no longer hoped" how Crina confessed to me.

In time, the roots of my beliefs have stabilized, no matter what I could hear around me. I know for sure that #Soulmates exist and they recognize each other at the right time. We attract our beliefs, it’s up to us where we want to search for inspiration.

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When souls recognize each other  #Iamhereworld

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