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       Dear Anita,

       Thank you for your letter and your trust.

       The reason we suffer is not because we are bad people or because life is bad, but it is simply because we mistake certain basic principles of life for something else.

       You say - ”I open myself with the idea of learning using my partner and hoping to grow  spiritually together, showing him how much I appreciate him and making him feel he is truly loved.” What you say is very beautiful and I know you are sincere, I know you are saying what you really feel and believe, but quite often what we feel and believe is not completely right.

       We don’t grow spiritually together side by side with another person. We grow each of us spiritually by ourselves, learning from whatever experience arises in our own life. We don’t need a partner in order to grow spiritually, and we need Not to have a partner to grow spiritually. We grow by embracing ANY experience that life brings to us, regardless of having or not a partner.