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My favourite Bali beaches

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       There is a rumour that Bali is not a good destination if you want to see stunning beaches, because this island not famous for that. Well yes, Bali has a different kind of magic but let me tell you that this place really has some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen and this is what makes it complete. You find here everything your heart desires (well almost, I still don't find Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam) other than that it has everything. 

       I made a personal top 4 of my favourite beaches after wandering around to see what I like. But be aware of the fact that in two weeks it is my birthday and I will go to other islands and maybe I'll change my mind :)) 

       1. Nyang Nyang Beach - Uluwatu 

       I always start with the desert so I will start with my number one. I would not recommend Uluwatu area because it is the place I felt the most unsafe since I arrived in Bali, even a scooter driver told me not to be so "flower power" and to take better care of myself... but, MY GOD the beaches in this area are the best. 

       I read that Nyang Nyang is one of Bali's least visited beaches and I found on my on sensitive skin why. The access to it is not easy, there is a long trek required to reach it, you might fall, I definitely did that with my fancy sandals, but it was worth it.