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              When you see yourself in the mirror every morning and wish yourself to have a perfect day and tell yourself how much you love yourself  (I really hope you have this habit) what is the thing that best defines you?

              Which thing hidden in yourself defines you? The fact that you are a talented poetry writer, the fact that you really know how to compose love letters, or to embrace trees? Build buildings or organize events? To grow small babies in exceptional men or the fact that you are capable to write 10 pages in less time than average? Or perhaps the fact that people near you have cheek pains from too many smiles, the way you love or make love, or you dance cha cha with to much passion or you teach yoga in a different way, sell the most appropriate books to people or to arrange things in harmony.

              Please think about it.

              It's important ... because the thing you do best, in your unique and personal way, without copying anyone, the thing that inspires others while it makes you happy is .. Your Personal Brand.

              We are not born with this „Personal Brand”  and somehow we can choose it ... depending on passions, education, style, energy, entourage, environment, depending on which books we read, what people inspire us, what makes our heart beat, what  causes emotion in our being. It sounds difficult, but in a nutshell ... our Personal Brand is what makes our hearts work and it screams ”This has to happen!” That's our Personal Brand.

              Finding your personal brand does not mean "Oh, my God! I love me, please, love me, like me, share me. " It means that by doing what you do, you can inspire other people to make a decision, change their lives, get out of a no longer working relationship, change a job that is no longer a place of happiness, but above all to discover your own happiness, because when you live according to everything you represent... is the time you can say that you are truly happy otherwise you are just pretending. The Personal Brand is about what you have unique, special, different, your "sacred contract," as Stephanie Magidson says.  This is something that can not be copied, because two people will never have the same missions. 

              Some of us believe that only certain people can have a Personal Brand, or even worse, that our personal story is not worth to be heard, but my close reality has proven to me, too often, that this is just an escuse for lazy people. We all have a story and an ideea to share... from the guy that opens the door for us at an office building to those who run the business in the building.

              My biggest shock regarding Personal Brand was when I saw a woman with thousands of views on Youtube that was filming herself chewing the food noisily. If this world we live in is not perfect for any crazy dream we may have, I honestly do not know which world would be. Sure, this particular case does not make sense to me, but maybe others find happiness in this and this is something encouraging for all of us.

              When you discover your essence and the real pieces that form you,  that feeling of "Aha! Yes, I am this! "It is a blessing for others and for you alike.

              Because we're interconnected.

              Everything that affects us personally affects the environment and the people nearby and those we later attract. When we understand how tied we are, we will see that investing in ourself is not just for us… but taking care of us, we take care of the others.

              So... the theory is Beautiful ... but I believe in the power of the example and I can demonstrate this theory through the experience of my soul mate, Andreea Pautov (

              Andreea is one of the people who embraced her personal brand in times when many wanted to shake  her undergrowth.

              "Strange" is a word that is amusing for us now, but when she resigned from a successful corporation, from the comfortable Marketing  Manager armchair to become a Tree ( yes, you got that right) many people called her crazy. How to give up a "stable job" for a dream? But she never doubted her heart whispers. She made so much marketing for others that one night she dreamed her own Marketing strategy for what today is all she is: . It started slowly from a Blog and a Facebook page and came to a life changing yoga studio today.

              And when I say that it changes lives I thing of myself first of all.

              Thanks to her I grew up in few years as I would have done it by myself  in  dozen, thanks to her I had the opportunity to meet the finest people with whom the Universe can give you the chance to interact or became friends… and thanks to her I am a better, braver, stronger, more full love human. Because of her I went to Bali where I left half of my soul or more (and now I have to go get it back).

              It all started from the fact that she decided to leave behind her fears, the comfy job, accepted the possibility of critics, maybe sometimes the laughter of others and focused only on her mission. She embaced her Personal Brand. She is strong in her own vulnerability, accepting everything this exposure may bring, but in the end satisfaction is greater than fear.

The courage to embrace your personal brand

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