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"Life is very easy just buy that f**king ticket" was singing in my head for the last two years after I heard Azuka Kantimatta saying this just like that, when I was in Bali for the first time. My first thoughts were "Oh, my God, I could never just quit my life like this, but how I would love to do it..." 

There is a rumour that Bali is not a

good destination if you want to see stunning beaches, because this island not famous for that. Well yes, Bali has a different kind of magic but let me tell you that this place really has some of the most beautiful beaches I have seen and this is what makes it complete. 

Bali is known as the best destination for healing. Healing what you may ask... Well, almost everything. You will find gathered here all kind of healers, from the Balinese priests that do water and fire ceremonies