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Searching for you Ö Preview

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ĄI havenít received any letter from him in return for long time... and when it came it was too late and as confused as always. I have been told that answering to my letter it was quite difficult to be given. Hardly did I sadly smile as I had dropped the letter to all my friends and while some liked it so much that they posted it on their blog, others have cried and others would rather somebody loved them as I did... instead him, the main character of my story didnít find the words to draw up his draft of answer and drop me a letter in return...

†††††† - What kind of answer are you waiting for? He was truly scared lest he was not able to rise up at the level of your love...††

†††††† I donít think it could be something more painful than that question Ė Why? And the sudden running away happening again in my life; I have written in the hope of getting an answer to Carlos too, my eternal and wise counselor and his answer had the strength to alleviate my worry and comfort me for a while.

†††††† Iíve asked him why I am playing repeatedly the same drama on the stage ending up so sadly, what was I supposed to shift within me, what to learn, where is my error that I love so deeply and wait to get back as much, was it really my fault? Am I not good enough?