The Personal Brand is about what you have unique, special, different, your "sacred contract," as Stephanie Magidson says.  This is something that can not be copied, because two people will never have the same missions. 

       Some of us believe that only certain people can have a Personal Brand, or even worse, that our personal story is not worth to be heard, but my close reality has proven to me, too often, that this is just an escuse for lazy people. We all have a story and an ideea to share... from the guy that opens the door for us at an office building to those who run the business in the building.

       My biggest shock regarding Personal Brand was when I saw a woman with thousands of views on Youtube that was filming herself chewing the food noisily. If this world we live in is not perfect for any crazy dream we may have, I honestly do not know which world would be. Sure, this particular case does not make sense to me, but maybe others find happiness in this and this is something encouraging for all of us.

       When you discover your essence and the real pieces that form you,  that feeling of "Aha! Yes, I am this! "It is a blessing for others and for you alike.

       Because we're interconnected.

       Everything that affects us personally affects the environment and the people nearby and those we later attract. When we understand how tied we are, we will see that investing in ourself is not just for us… but taking care of us, we take care of the others.

       So... the theory is Beautiful ... but I believe in the power of the example and I can demonstrate this theory through the experience of my soul mate, Andreea Pautov (

       Andreea is one of the people who embraced her personal brand in times when many wanted to shake  her undergrowth.


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