I asked some people how their lives had changed because they met her:

              Florenţa Diana - “Thanks to Andreea I had the courage to launch my blog (LifeIsNotAFight), I was working on it for 3 years but  never had the courage to publish it. She supported me with enthusiasm like an old  friend and thanks to her my lack of self-confidence dissolved to the point where I decided to go with her to Bali. For me it was a top challenge to go with an unknown group, considering that multiple sclerosis affects my walking really bad. Andreea had the courage to take me with her in Bali, when it was too hard for me to walk she carried me and I learned from her to have even more courage. To trust myself more, and to be sure that there is a solution for everything.

              Alexandra Naghiu: She was the one who created the right environment in which I met a lot of beautiful and interesting people who are now my best friends.”

              Sînziana Iacob: „Thanks to her I discovered some wonderful books, thanks to her I took yoga more seriously. And the best experience ever, a life –changing experience, was the retreat from Bali where we went together.”

              Camelia Anişoara: I have met Andreea when I was an eternally unhappy woman, with no great purpose in life, always ready to obey others hoping that this way they will accept, appreciat and love me. Thanks to her I met a lot of wonderful people.

 I found myself and this gave me the confidence and the courage to start expressing my emotions, feelings and thoughts. I have learned not to be afraid of the opinions and judgments of others, to accept myself as I am now, to make peace with what I was yesterday, to think twice before judging me or those around me, not to take all things personal, to smile and to greet the sun every morning without feeling like I'm a freak. This wonderful woman gave me the courage to step on a new road.”

              Larisa şi Ferdi: The trip to Bali meant for us a few years of fast forward of self-knowledge, joy, gratitude and much more love than we thought we were capable of having for each other and others. Andreea is an inspiration. We love her a lot. We are grateful she is.

              So I ask you ... what is your personal brand and how many lives did you change by simply choosing to be yourself? The real, authentic, true, uncut You? … and if you have not done it so far, what stops you?

              Andreea, thank you for being a Tree. Thank you for embracing your Personal Brand and for the way you  inspire others.


                                                                                                                                                                         With Love, Ana.


Ana Dragalina



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The courage to embrace your personal brand

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