What unites us & What makes us stay together 

In “What unites us & What makes us stay together” the results of 1-year research made on harmonious, authentic and happy couples are revealed.
You will get useful information right from the field because they are closer to reality and more comfortable to be applied in “real life” than theories.

We want a connection, we know how many beautiful gifts we have to offer, we know how much love we can feel, but still, we are tired of searching. And when we see healthy, beautiful, happy couples, we became a little bit envious and ask: What did they do to deserve that? Do they have a special secret or what is their recipe?
After interviewing different couples, some of the interviews made it to the book, and the conclusions are mind-blowing because they bring light to this subject that seems so complicated – The love scene.
If you are tired of asking “Why do I attract the same type of partner all the time”, “I am a wonderful person why don’t I have a beautiful and harmonious relationship yet?” This book is able to provide answers for you and get you into a discovering journey that will be able to enlighten you and change your future interactions.
But meeting people is the most natural part, to build, a long-lasting relationship is more laborious. The book will provide the conclusions summed up to 15 reasons why people stay together and can be happy even after 35 years of relationship. You will discover what brings them joy and how they make it seem so easy.
As a spoiler alert - "love" is not enough and being "soul mates" neither, many other reasons make a couple last, and you will discover them all.
A long-lasting magic love story is what you seek? Perfect then! Come in this journey and discover how you can change some things in your soul and at the same time, modify the results in the outside world.