I am Ana Dragalina and I lead my life according to two beliefs - Everything is possible and Self-love is the foundation of our dream life.

Author / Psychologist / Self – Love Expert

I am Ana Dragalina,

I believe in you and I already know that you can access the life you dream of, everything depends on a radical decision.

I know that anything is possible because I have tested this on my own skin and in the lives of the hundreds of people I have worked with so far.

I do not invite you to heal or change, because you are already perfect exactly as you are at this moment, but I invite you to live with awareness accessing your real, authentic self.

We are like a cup containing - in addition to our essence - also, the opinions of others, other people beliefs, other people stories, and we are very attached to the content of this cup. We believe that the inside of this cup is our identity. Our duty, our main mission in this life is to clean this cup and to reveal to the world our authenticity, our truth, the song of our heart.

If you feel that it is time to access your power as Creator, to recognize that you are part of the Divine, that everything you live can be influenced by you and especially to access authentic self-love then let's work together!