I am Ana Dragalina and I lead my life according to two beliefs - Everything is possible and Self-love is the foundation of our dream life.

Author / Psychologist / Self – Love Expert

I am Ana Dragalina,

Author, Writer, Psychologist, ThetaHealing® Therapist, Traveller, Storyteller, Love detective, Self-Love Expert, Self-Development Workshop & Retreats Fairy, Ghostwriter, Content Creator, Copywriter.
After studying Psychology, Clinical Psychology, attending hundreds of courses on personal development, spirituality, journalism and working in a Private investigations firm for 7 years, 10 hours a day, I decided to leave everything and move to Bali to truly live in harmony with my soul. I have shown myself in 4 years that everything I dream and want to manifest is accessible to me and not because I have any special power or because I am “lucky”, but because I have taken the responsibility of my life, of my creative power and I recognized my gifts.
Since then, I have inspired other people to do the same, intentionally through books, courses, workshops, retreats and therapies or even unintentionally through a simple post on social media. The merit is not mine, but of those who decide for themselves that they can, that they want, that they deserve, that their time has come.
I believe in every person because I recognize the divinity in everyone and everything.
If you feel that the time to live your dream life has come, in courage, commitment, self-love, love for others, love for everybody and everything, then let's work together!