* ThetaHealing® Private Session - 60 minutes 100 Euro

The ThetaHealing® technique was created by Vianna Stibal out of her own need for healing, and has been used successfully by millions of people for decades. ThetaHealing® is different from classical therapies due to the fact that it goes directly to the root of the situations we face in our daily lives, changing the conscious limiting beliefs (or not) that lead our lives. In addition to bringing answers to the stressful “why” question, ThetaHealing® sessions come with new perspectives that can be implemented quickly. Specially built for you to take your strength back and be the one leading the path of your life, ThetaHealing® technique supports you to free yourself from limiting beliefs, past stories, fears and at the same time to access clarity, peace and the understanding you need.

By releasing the patterns that ruled your life so far, you can access your true power, freedom and live the harmonious life you want.

The ThetaHealing® technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy - not specific to one religion but accepting them all - with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator, the One who heals and makes the change for you to have a life as you desire.

What techniques can we address in ThetaHealing® sessions?

* Healing the mind, body and especially the soul;

* Release of limiting beliefs, resentments, fears;

* Liberation from past stories;

* Revealing your maximum potential;

* Supports you to have more confidence in yourself and in life;

* Releasing old contracts, vows, curses;

* Accessing the Divine Time;

* Intuitive energetic reading;

* Discovering blockages - What do you think is impossible? Let's find out why!

* Manifestation of dreams, visions, plans;

* Releasing chakra energy;

* Develop abundance in all areas of life and also prosperity;

* Healing of the soul, liberation after a separation;

* Energy divorce and recovery of soul fragments.

What topics can we work on in ThetaHealing® sessions?

* Fear;

* Limiting beliefs;

* Resentments;

* Attracting patterns that hurt you;

* Attracting partners unavailable to you / inappropriate;

* Diseases;

* Lack of clarity;

* Lack of purpose in life;

* Lack of life force;

* Confidence;

* Self-love;

* Traumatic memories;

* Guilt.

* Coaching Program 4 weeks - Manifestation - 4 sessions total / 1 per week - 400 Euro

I believe in you, in your resources, in your strength, in your magic and I invite you to bring all these things to the surface now in a transformational program that includes your complete guide to build your dream life.

We grow under the umbrella of "you are not enough", but nothing is more false than that, we are God experimenting life, we are his creations, we were born enough. And the life you visualize in your dreams can be touched.

You can leave this task to others, society, luck or fate… or you can choose to take this wonderful mission into your own hands and assume that your life depends on you - the choices you make, your actions and especially for your courage.

For 4 weeks you will return to school and you will be very happy that you will do this because the main subject is you.

This course is a Festival of self-love, self-confidence and the Magic of the Universe.

 “For years I waited for December full of hope, read the horoscope predictions and dreaming that "next year will be my year", but the changes I wanted never appeared until I decided that "next year is my year" and even more until I chose to take action and build my life the way I wanted. Only then did I have the life I always dreamed of and since then I have been a Master of Manifestation, because I have owned my power as a Creator, I own the fact that God lives in me. ” - Ana Dragalina

You can make the radical decision that you are the CEO of your life and you can start the decisive transformations in this direction.

This course is a practical guide that will support you to build the life you want and attract health, prosperity, happiness, abundance, wonderful experiences, opportunities, by freeing the past and creating the right space to receive.

As usual, it will be an intense course with an abundance of information, homework, meditations and exercises, so I need your determination and your sincere desire to do the work and see the results.

Program Benefits:

* Find out what stage of your life you are in and what steps you need to take to transform your life - professional, physical, emotional, health, relationships, etc.

* You discover your blockages, fears and replace them with specific goals, objectives and specific desires.

* You understand "what's the matter" with manifestation and why certain things are postponed, seem impossible or unattainable.

* You allow yourself to access the desires of your heart and see them manifest easily.

* You access a course that contains not “only promises and blah blahs”, but concrete exercises, meditations, techniques and a practical and organized guide.

* You free yourself from the past and make room for what you really want.

* You become a magnet for the things you want to manifest.

* * You build your Vision Board with me, a plan and a precise map to the manifestation of your dreams.

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